Things to do in Miami Beach, Florida | SOUTH BEACH (2018 vlog)

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Things to do in Miami Beach, Florida | SOUTH BEACH (2018 vlog)

The list of things to do in Miami Beach, Florida is enormous, so here I focus on South Beach. Miami Beach is arguably the top place to visit when you travel to Miami, and you should definitely see Ocean Drive, South Pointe Park and Lincoln Road in addition to the beach itself.

In this vlog, you will find out why South Beach in Miami is considered one of the top beaches in the USA

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50 thoughts on “Things to do in Miami Beach, Florida | SOUTH BEACH (2018 vlog)

  1. Avatar Jose Lara


  2. Avatar Marco Pinheiro

    I’m new in your channel, are you Brazilian, aren’t you? Damn, you’re so beautiful,I crossed from Miami to Virginia Beach, I loved Miami,I stayed in Miramar, but all the time I was in bars ocean drive lol, backing in Sept but NYC this time

  3. Avatar Sherlock holmes India

    I m watching all of your videos only for you renata….i have fallen in love with you…

  4. Avatar Marcus White

    Hi Renata, what type of software are you using for your videos? I really like your set up and I’d like to explore that software to learn of the various functions it has to offer. Could you let me know? Thanks!

  5. Avatar Josef Taffmann

    Fake life of a influencer is sad… They think it is a cool job or lifestyle… I’m boring to see people talking alone with a camara… Sharing a fake face. A perfect world. Miami Beach sucks. Drugs, prostitution, people without control… Homeless and bad polices.

  6. Avatar nerboh lyncaro

    you did an excellent job presenting this area. my youngest sister has lived in south miami for 30 years. we cone down and then go to sunny isles beach, on the north side of north beach. we stay at the trump hotel. i love it. we have also went to the public beach in south beach.

  7. Avatar Justin Wilhite

    one thing to do in miami: Go to a nude beach. I was there last week and it was life changing 🤩

  8. Avatar Fatema Jowarder

    So far the best Miami guide video 😍 Every place was shown in so much detail and unlike the other guide videos nothing was rushed. I’m going to Orlando in August but I was wonder if I could just stop by Miami for a day and be able to enjoy all that.

  9. Avatar Anne Thorson

    MINI VELEZ below said it best……first the ONLY thing good about this video is RENATA…..she is EXTREMELY GOOD LOOKING……the beach is HORRIBLE and the people are NASTY AND RUDE as fucking hell(they are ALL LIKE TRUMP)….and the beach water is dirty and the weather is weirdly weird.(and it’s to dam expensive to park there for 1-2 hours….SOMETHING IS WRONG with this place…..THE ARCHITECTURE of the buildings is beautiful…..but that’s NOT what you go to this beach for.(the video clips from CSI Miami ….greatly overplay the beauty of this beach and greatly overplay the FRIENDLYNESS AND HUMANITY of the spirit of people in this area……I was stunned to see how many rude people are in this area…..and it’s worse in ft.lauderdale and the beach IS WORSE THERE.(it all reminds me of AMERICA in 2019…..80 percent divorce rate-meaning horribly evil marriage partners everywhere….and incredibly fake trump economy…..with 22 trillion in government debt & 18 trillion in consumer debt)……FACE IT…..AMERICA IS IN HELL AND SO ARE THE BEACHES…..dam Scarry scenario.(your comments are welcomed).

  10. Avatar thankuwelcome 215

    My mom already wants to get a tattoo after one drink 😂😂😂🤣

  11. Avatar Дзодзо Дзондзиев


  12. Avatar Valeria P

    You forgot to say that in Miami Spanish is the official language. No one speaks English the yeahhh it is beautiful and expensive! People are very well resolved and happy which it was very pleasant to meet them. I felt like not leaving. Wonderful!

  13. Avatar Jesus Armendariz

    did you walk most of the time or used transportation? great video 🙂

  14. Avatar Gman 5445

    Get robbed, get your room broken into and have all your items stolen, BE A VICTIM. !!!!!!!

  15. Avatar James California

    Is this as nice as California beach life *?* _( such a pretty woman 😁 )_

  16. Avatar Antonio Noé Andrada

    Hello, In which street is that thermometer clock that appears in the second 0:26 of your video ?

  17. Avatar Bestofafrica Bestofafrica

    Just the Beach and very boring. And this lady also very boring too
    1000000 thumbs down

  18. Avatar melvin goodhew

    The Cubans refuse to speak English are loud and obnoxious. The women are fat the men wear gaudy gold chains and act real macho. Disgusting people once you really get to know what they are like. Forget the beach the airplanes ruin any experience with the signs going back and forth with the loud aircraft.

  19. Avatar Lindaura Vargas

    Renata, vou estar em julho em NY e Miami, me fala sobre o tempo e o que usar mais confortável por favor. Sou de Brasilia.

  20. Avatar melvin goodhew

    When you go to the beach be careful not to step on the homeless drunks laying about with their own shit all over them since they have no toilets and get drunk and beg for money. They live in the greenery as you approach the beach and it is dangerous at night.

  21. Avatar melvin goodhew

    Here is a common occurrence in this slime pit. You are at a bar then a woman comes onto you. She is all made up its dark she is super friendly and likes you. You pump a couple hundred dollars of overpriced drinks into her and take her back to your room then about 2 o’clock the next day you wake up to find your watch money and any other things of value all gone. She slipped you a mickey. You leave your room stepping over the dead bodies from last nights homicides and make your way to the police department they take a report file it and say sorry.

  22. Avatar Paula Mergler

    I wanna go there and now I’m so upset!!!! But luckily I go somewhere else but I really wanna go to Miami but my mom won’t do it maybe tell I’m 14!!!! I can’t wait to long😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰

  23. Avatar Khaled Bissela

    Are you welcome to Muslims in Miami, especially veiled? I mean there is no racism in Miami, is that true?